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Technology at Your Server's & Patron's Fingertips

Give your servers and patrons direct access to the kitchen!

For your servers, this solution does away with scribbling orders on notepads or other scraps of paper or memorizing them.  It also greatly minimizes the chances of errors in the orders.  Your servers will no longer need to run every order to the kitchen manually.  This saves them time, saves you money, and increases your customer's satisfaction.

For your patrons, they no longer need to wait for one of your servers to become available to place their order.  They can place the order themselves with a few taps on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.  This also ensures order accuracy and they now have the responsibility for that accuracy.  No more misunderstandings between customers and servers.  No more wasted food due to wrong orders!

Advantages of Skip The Waiter

Customized Software

We customize each solution for your restaurant.  Your restaurant is unique.  Your software solutions should be too!

Accessible from Any Platform

Our solution is NOT an app!  Therefore any smartphone, tablet or computer can take advantage of this service.

Powerful DataBase Back End

Skip The Waiter is built on a popular data base engine.  This gives you all the reporting tools you need as well as the ability to customize it further yourself if you desire.  It also means you are not locked into getting support or changes from one vendor.  Anyone with experience with this common DB can help you!

Maximize your profits

iPad, Tablet
iPhone, smartphone
Lunches - Phone view.png
Screen shot of Skip the Waiter entry screen

The Problem:

From the Management point-of-view

- Higher costs due to the raise in minimum wages.

- Staff shortages due to sick time and holidays.

- Customers dissatisfied due to long wait times or poor service.

- Increased competition from other restaurants using technology to speed up service.

From the Server point-of-view

- Staff shortages mean heavier loads on existing staff and less efficiency.

- Customers who are frustrated with long wait times are taking it out on the servers.

- Higher stress means more staff turnover.

- Existing systems require double entry.  First the server writes the order on slips of paper, then they enter the order into a computer terminal.

- While the server is entering the order into a terminal at another location in the restaurant, customers are waiting!

From the Customer point-of-view

- The customer has browsed the menu and has made a decision on meal selection, but there is no server to take the order.

- They have questions about items on the menu such as ingredients, side dishes or prices, but they have to wait to ask a server.

- They are waiting to place their order, but the server is busy answering endless questions at another table.  Or the server is busy entering an order into a terminal somewhere.

- Customers have a limited time frame to eat and get frustrated when they cannot get a server to take their order.  This makes them late to their next appointment or to get back to work.

- Due to poor service, they may never come back even if the quality of the food is good!

The Problem

The Solution:

From the Management point-of-view

- Skip The Waiter means higher profits due to increased efficiency and higher customer satisfaction .

- Younger customers want to use technology to achieve tasks.  This means they will be more likely to visit a restaurant that allows them to use technology to improve service.

From the Server point-of-view

- Skip The Waiter means the server can now look after more tables due to better efficiency.

- Skip The Waiter allows the server to enter the order using their own smart phones at table side.  No need for double entry.

- Less stress means lower staff turnover, friendlier customer service and more job satisfaction.

- Servers can quickly see the status of orders on their smart phones.  They can see which tables have received their beverage or food orders and which ones have not.

From the Customer point-of-view

- Skip The Waiter means the customer can place orders using their own smart phones.  No more waiting for a server.

- The customer has the option of placing the order with a server, or doing it themselves. So they have a choice.

- Faster service means higher customer satisfaction and increases the likelihood they will return.

The Solution

How it works:

Skip The Waiter is NOT an App.  There is nothing to download or install.  Think of it as a website.  Any smartphone, tablet or computer that is web capable can use this solution.  You do not need to buy any proprietary hardware.

The servers or customers simply use their smartphone to scan a QR code that you place on the table or in the menu, or manually types the address into a browser.  They must enter a username and password that you control for security, and then they simply select the items from a menu.  They then tap a button to preview their order complete with prices and taxes, and then tap the Place the Order button.  The order then gets printed to a printer and/or is displayed on a screen in the kitchen.  The cooks can now do their thing!

It looks like this:

Scan the QR Code

Choose your device

Entry - Phone.png

Review the order

Overview - Phone.png

Enter the Table #

Entry Screen - Phone.png

Select your items

Lunches - Phone view.png


Complete - Phone.png

About Us:

With over 35 years of experience in the computer business, and many more years of eating in restaurants, I thought I would combine my two favourite things and create a solution to a growing problem.  With rising minimum wages, high staff turnover and increased competition, restaurants are finding it more difficult to maintain profits.  Less servers mean longer wait times for customers.  So they are going elsewhere to find faster service.  I created Skip the Waiter to provide faster service to the customer while helping the restaurant owner maximize profits. 


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